What? Risograph A Celebration of Craft 

A series of informative zines for creatives to learn the specialist printing technique of Risograph; exploring what can be achieved using this unique craft. Over the three issues Risograph is explored in depth; history, design, the process and finishing of the completed print are all investigated to produce a intuitive guide to the process. The unconventional design of the zines includes foldouts and posters making them interactive and informative for the user. A digital version animates the process to create a web edition alongside the Risograph printed zines.   

Binding Technique
Through rigorous planning and templating, each zine was folded out of a single piece of A1 paper. Folded and printed then refolded to get the correct look, which allowed the zine to be read as a conventional book, but also could be folded out to turn into a poster.

Creativity in web
To interpret the zine in web form, digital was embraced. Using creative techniques such as gradients, animations, halftone and infographics to get the process across to the user. It was key for the web version to work cohesively with the zines.

Experimental typography and layout was a fundamental look to the set of zines. Each zine having its own personality reflecting in their front covers. While also having a unique design dedicated to experimental typography throughout.